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Restoration/Conservation of the “Ginogli School” Holy Ark

mantova 2nd 1_edited_edited.jpg
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Restoration/Conservation of the “Jingoli School” Holy Ark

This Holy Ark was built in Mantua, Italy in the mid-19th century.   

In Photo No. 1, we see the Ark as it once stood in the Great Synagogue of Mantua. In photo number 3, the Ark as it was when it arrived in Israel. The restoration was carried out in 2009, carefully adhering to the photographs of the original Ark. After the structural details were completed the carvings were painted and coated with gold leaf. Initially, the restored Ark was displayed in the Museum of Italian Jewry, but was later delivered to the Yishma Lev Synagogue in the Bayit V’Gan neighborhood of Jerusalem. The project was undertaken in collaboration with Michal Blankett. The restoration of the carvings was executed by George Troyanov. 

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