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Artistic Painting

Whether pertaining to the artistic painting of building details, new art works or discovering/revealing the many paint layers of ancient works of art as the commencement to restoration and conservation, Alice’s Studio team is adept and experienced in the execution of all stages of the work. And if, due to considerations of construction, cost or design, there is a need for artistic painting of stone, marble or wooden surfaces, it is guaranteed that the most discerning professionals will have difficulty in identifying any differences between material samples of the “new” painting and the original surfaces.

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Currently, Alice is completing huge surfaces resembling Italian marble in the Hasidei Viznitz Synagogue in B’nei Brak. In this Synagogue, that holds 10,000 seats, the highest Holy Ark in the world was built – reaching the astonishing height of 18 meters ! Experts in marble and architecture have not been able to differentiate between the “real” marble surfaces and the painted wood carvings that are an exact replica to the “real” marble. 

Additionally, Alice is also in the process of completing artistic painting and gilding of furnishings and decorations –  adhering to the ancient style – in the Or HaZohar Synagogue in Miron (near Safed in the North of the country).

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