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Alice studied the profession of Gilding in Italy, and after many years of experience in this specialized field, she became a renowned expert. She has undertaken numerous projects of exquisite gold plating of walls, ceilings, furniture, sculptures & paintings, Holy Arks, glass, metal and tree barks. Alice uses only the highest quality of gold leaf, silver and bronze in the world, together with the best available adhesive materials, to ensure years of durability for both internal and external conditions. She has unique expertise in using gold leaf on very tiny objects, for which the gold leaf must penetrate the smallest of grooves and even follow the lines of the wood fibres.

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Alice reconstructed and conserved the Papal Throne in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, as well as many Holy Arks both in Israel and the USA. She has created gold and silver ceilings in prestigious buildings, and dealt with statues displayed in many museums. Another of her outstanding achievements was the conservation of the Holy Ark in the Great Synagogue of Rishon LeZion, in collaboration with the architectural firm of Mendel & Co. who were responsible for the renovation of the building. This project won the Conservation Award from the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel. 

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