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From her Jerusalem studio, Alice – together with her hand-picked team of talented artists - undertakes a myriad of projects including restoration and preservation of cultural assets, gilding and artistic painting of both ancient and modern items as well as entire sections of buildings, with emphasis on retaining the historical, emotional and social significance of the objects and buildings being treated. Her studio reflects the Italian culture that she absorbed as a child in Italy, as well as during her studies at the Istituto Europeo Di Restauro and is evident in the conservation works she performed in Italy and now in Israel.

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Main Areas of Expertise:

•  Restoration and conservation of gilded details of buildings, relics and antique furniture

•  Gilding of new items such as: Holy Arks, gold ceilings, artwork

•  Restoration and conservation of decorative details, antique frames, ancient building sections     and works of art

•  Professional color shade surveys for exposing and discovering old paintings and decorations,

   in preparation for conservation processes

•  Artistic painting of marble and wood-like surfaces

All work is carried out in accordance with accepted standards and traditions in Europe, whilst adhering to:

•  Strict management of the studio and projects in accordance with global industry standards

•  Uncompromising professional integrity of all studio artists

•  Use of only the highest quality materials - according to the needs of each project

•  Assurance of durability for many years - as is customary in projects in Europe

•  Strict adherence to schedules 

One of Alice’s top priorities is a high level of commitment to the historical, emotional and social meaning of each project and she is justifiably proud of her involvement in conserving cultural assets for future generations. She cultivates a close family atmosphere in the Studio and  encourages "self pride" within her staff members – whether employees or self-employed -  and above all, ensures a safe work environment.

You are welcome to click on the portfolio button to see a representative selection of works that Alice has created throughout her career of over two decades in Italy and Israel. Gilded synagogues, marble-like Holy Arks, Judaica objects etc. that have undergone fascinating conservation processes. We also invite you to visit the Interesting Tidbits section to read about more of Alice’s fascinating projects in the fields of conservation and gilding.

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