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Alice (pronounced Ali’tch’eh in Italian) studied the professions of Conservation and Gilding in Italy and has accumulated many years of expertise under her belt – particularly in the specialization of wooden artefacts. Holy Arks, Judaica, Christian relics, ancient furniture, statues and even sections of old buildings themselves. In short, any type of ancient wooden artistic assets that are of significant cultural and historical value, and thus richly deserve to be restored to their original glory and conserved for future generations. Alice is well versed in both traditional work techniques and modern technology and is adept at distinguishing between original details and possible later additions. She is dedicated to using only the best possible materials in every project she undertakes, in order to ensure retaining an authentic “look and feel” and the highest quality of conservation that will withstand the wear and tear of time for many years to come.

Amongst the many highlights throughout her career was the restoration of the gilding (gold plating) of the Papal Throne in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. For the past 14 years she has been in charge of the conservation of the 22 mosaic sculptures of the famous artist Niki De Saint Phale at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.

Holy Arks imported from Italy through the auspices of the Jewish Agency's famous "rescue operation", religious relics, antique furniture, ancient work tools and diverse decorative objects are restored to their original beauty and given a new long life thanks to Alice's meticulous work. Additionally, bringing her expertise also to the modern era -  luxury residences, new synagogues and many works of art boast the gold plating and artistic painting of Alice and her team of studio artists.

You are most welcome to click and see some of the collection in the portfolio pages.

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